Project 929 Update

This week marks the completion of the sixth week of Project 929. It’s been amazing to hear snippets of conversations about it throughout Israeli society, and to see the breadth of how it’s impacting the Jewish conversation in this country. I love being part of a dialogue that includes all streams of Jewish thought and observance in this diverse country. I’m still finding myself somewhat on the outskirts of this conversation, because much of the dialogue is taking place in Hebrew. While I can get by in Hebrew, navigating the official 929 website is not something I’m confident in on a daily basis. I understand and respect the decision of the organizers of the project not to create an English version of the site at this point, because this experience is meant to be Israeli above all other things. It’s not for the Diaspora Jewish community, making me all the more glad to be living in Israel and to be a part of this experience.

So far, I’m finding joy in the daily reading, and in my reflections. I hope that this feeling continues once the more ‘story’ parts of Tanakh are behind me, and can’t wait to see what continues to unfold.

Here’s the latest article that I’ve found about 929:

Shabbat Shalom!


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