Yeshayahu Three: Suffering

The people are going to suffer, it’s clear, before they will eventually be redeemed at the end of days. “And the people shall be oppressed, man against man, and man against his fellow; they shall behave haughtily, the youth against the elder and the base against the honorable (Isaiah 3:5).” Everything that should be if things are fair is capable of being flipped upside down, and the people are perfectly capable of betraying each other. Of course, this isn’t how things should be, but the people, as we’ve seen, don’t always listen, and take seemingly forever to learn from their mistakes. But there are behaviors that should be reinforced, and others that should be stomped out.

“Praise the righteous man for he is good, for the fruit of their deeds they shall eat (Isaiah 3:10).” By the same token, just as the righteous should be honored, the evil should be cautioned, because all of the people are constantly being judged by God. There are a lot of threats being given to the people about what will happen to them and how they will suffer if they don’t obey. Will they listen this time? Or will they continue to ignore prophecies and fall deeper into the pit of evil?


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