Yeshayahu Four: Survivors

Shortest chapter ever! This chapter only has six verses, so let’s hope they’re good ones.

“Now seven women shall take hold of one man on that day, saying, ‘Our bread we will eat, and our clothing we will wear. Only let your name be called on us; take away our reproach (Isaiah 4:1).'” On this day, when this happens, God will give the fruits of the land of Israel to the people. Every survivor of the previous atrocities will be in Zion, in Jerusalem. I know these verses were written long before the Holocaust, but the words about survivors and holiness make me draw some pretty strong connections. We are told that God will cleanse Jerusalem, and all who live in it, at this time of the end of days. It’s an ongoing journey to reach that state, and thinking about survivors also makes me think about victims, about all of those who have been lost along the way.


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