Yeshayahu Thirty-Two: Utopia

“Until a spirit be poured us from on high, and the desert shall become a fruitful field, and the fruitful field shall be regarded as a forest. And justice shall dwell in the desert, and righteousness shall reside in the fruitful field (Isaiah 32:15-16).” At some fantastical point in the future, everything will become the best possible version of itself. Land that is usually dry and infertile will become fruitful, and land that is already vegetated will overflow and expand. What would it be like if everyone and everything was the highest possible iteration that it could be? If everyone achieved at their highest levels, if the earth itself produced to the best of its ability? That’s a utopian vision, where things aren’t necessarily other-worldly, but instead just the best of this world in its finest form.


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