Yeshayahu Thirty-Four: The Book of the Lord

“Seek out the Book of the Lord and read; not one of them is missing, one did not miss her friend, for My mouth it has commanded, and its breath it has gathered them (Isaiah 34:16).” I love the action that is commanded in this verse. We’re not just supposed to read the Book, but to actively search for it. It’s our pursuit of the text that is the mitzvah, more than the act of actually reading and studying the content. That helps me in my consideration of this portion of 929. Unlike with the previous books, I’m not sharing as much of the text in my write ups. Rather, I’m picking out single verses that resonate with me. I’m pursuing the text to find meaning in it, instead of just reading straight through and reacting accordingly. Does that make the practice different? It certainly changes what I’m looking for in each chapter. I’m enjoying, but I’m also looking forward to (eventually) getting back to the more straightforward parts of the text.

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