Yeshayahu Fifty: Educator

“The Lord God gave me a tongue for teaching, to know to establish times for the faint [for His] word; He awakens me every morning, He awakens My ear, to hear according to the teachings (Isaiah 50:4).” As an educator, it’s great, and inspiring, to see that Isaiah credits the primary purpose of our tongues as teaching. There are those of us who feel called to teach, whether formally or informally, who feel it in our blood. We get inspired by inspiring others, we are drawn to nurture and mentor learners, and we feel fulfilled through our students. Is that what all of our tongues are for? After all, everyone teaches, in some way. As parents, mentors, bosses, individuals are tasked with teaching others. Teaching is how our society continues, with knowledge and history being passed between generations. Therefore, can we take this verse literally, and say that the primary role of every tongue is to teach someone else?


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