Yeshayahu Fifty-Five: Empty Words

“So shall be My word that emanates from My mouth; it shall not return to Me empty, unless it has done what I desire and has made prosperous the one to whom I sent it (Isaiah 55:11).”

What does it mean for words to be empty?

In my opinion, empty words are any that require action, but aren’t backed up by it. In this day of social media taking over more and more of human social experiences, it’s so easy to let our words be empty. We post insightful or sympathetic statuses, and then think our obligations to the causes and circumstances behind them are over. We say I love you, not just to family, significant others, and friends, but also to acquaintances, celebrities, virtual strangers. Doesn’t that cheapen the meaning of the phrase? If we retweet a status about a cause, but we don’t actually go out and raise money or volunteer our time, what’s the meaningful impact?

Empty words ring hollow. So let’s commit to following through with actions.


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