Yeshayahu Fifty-Nine: Transgressions

Although we read a lot about aspiring to righteousness, and the importance of adhering to God’s way, we also know that both historically and currently, humans repeatedly fall short of this goal. “For our transgressions against You are many, and our sins have testified against us, for our transgressions are with us, and our iniquities – we know them (Isaiah 59:12).” The thing that interests me the most about this verse is that the speaker states that we’re aware of our own iniquities and shortcomings. So much of being able to change ourselves and improve comes from acknowledging where we need work on things, and to take note of where we’re falling short of our best selves. Of course, not reaching one’s goals doesn’t inevitably mean that a person is transgressing. Therefore, in both regards, in terms of committing transgressions and iniquities, we need to aspire to overcome, to do our best to be the most complete, whole versions of ourselves.


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