Yeshayahu Sixty-One: Offerings

God tells us something about His nature. “For I am the Lord, Who loves justice, hates robbery in a burnt offering; and I gave their wage in truth, and an everlasting covenant I will make for them (Isaiah 61:8).” My understanding of this verse is that God is conveying to humanity that He cares more about the intent and process than the outcome of a person’s actions. If a person steals and gives their offering falsely, no matter how wonderful it is, it doesn’t have the same impact as a more modest or imperfect gift given honestly and from the heart. If someone has millions, acquired through cheating and dishonesty, no matter how much they donate to charity, their money is still false and dirty. But if a person gives kindly and honestly of the little that they can, God appreciates it and retains the covenant between Himself and humanity. To me, this demonstrates that any of us are capable of getting close to God, regardless of what our other capabilities or limitations might be.


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