Yeshayahu Sixty-Two: Calling

“For the sake of Zion, I will not be silent, for the sake of Jerusalem I will not rest, until her righteousness comes out like brilliance, and her salvation burns like a torch (Isaiah 62:1).” This verse is honestly one of my favorite ones so far. It’s inspiring, and I feel deeply connected to the message that I’m reading into it. So, to delve into it: I feel a strong pull, an obligation and a calling to what I see as the holy work of standing up for Israel and the Jewish people. I’ve chosen to make my career as a Jewish educator, to engage with others in meaningful ways that connect them to Israel and their Jewish identities. Part of that regularly involves advocating for Israel, online, in person, and however else necessary. Far too often, there are people who are so willing to believe the best in everyone else, but the worst in the Jewish State. They’re comfortable spreading lies and hate speech, or just plain ignorance. As a Zionist, a lover of Israel, and a committed Jew, I feel that it’s my obligation to stand up for Israel. I believe that everyone in the world has a mission, something that they’re compelled to do for a higher purpose, and this is mine.


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