Yeshayahu Sixty-Three + Sixty-Four: Philanthropy

For the first time in months, I wasn’t able to do my chapter yesterday. I was at a conference, staying in a hotel with terrible internet, and when I woke up this morning I realized that I had missed a day. It’s been amazing for me to see how deeply I can commit to a project, and I’m wondering how I can apply this discipline to other areas of my life. So for today, two blog chapters in one blog post so I can get back on track!

“And I looked and there was no one helping, and I was astounded and there was no one supporting, and My arm saved for Me, and My fury – that supported Me (Isaiah 63:5).” Maybe I’m reading the wrong message into this verse, but I’m coming out of a two-day philanthropy education conference, and to me this verse is compelling in its message of giving. How often do any of us see some kind of injustice in the world, and there seems to be nobody helping those who are suffering? There are so many problems that I think are obvious, and sometimes I even have solutions in mind. But that doesn’t automatically generate action, and without that support, even the most brilliant ideas may disappear into a vacuum.

“And now, O Lord, You are our father; we are the clay, and You are our potter, and all of us are Your handiwork (Isaiah 64:7).” If all of us are the handiwork of God, and He is shaping our actions, I feel that we should be even more compelled to continue to create the world in God’s image. Imagine if each of our actions was taken with the mentality that God is the one shaping it. How differently would you behave?


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