Yirmiyahu Three: Harlotry

Jeremiah compares the transgressions of the Israelites to an adulterous marriage that ends in divorce. He calls Israel a harlot because of the people’s lack of faithfulness to God and to the covenant that they made. “Go and proclaim these words to the north, and say; Return, O backsliding Israel, says the Lord. I will not let My anger rest upon you, for I am pious, says the Lord; I will not bear a grudge forever (Jeremiah 3:12).” No matter what the people do, and how angry God becomes, there’s nothing that’s unforgivable. In some ways, this feels less like a spousal relationship and more like a parent/child bond, one that can never be severed regardless of how badly people mess up. The people will always be able to return to God for one more chance, one more opportunity to get things right.


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