Yirmiyahu Six: Flow

Even more than in Isaiah, the book of Jeremiah seems to be comprised almost entirely of extended metaphors. This makes it hard to pick out verses to take meaning from, because what they say may not be what they mean, or the meaning may be contingent upon understanding the full chapter, or multiple chapters that are connected. So I don’t know if the verse that I’ve chosen for this chapter is profound on its own, but I’m hoping that it carries enough of a message standing solo.

“As a well lets its water flow, so has she let her evil flow; violence and spoil is heard therein before Me continually; sickness and wounds (Jeremiah 6:7).” To me, this verse seems to indicate something about the nature of evil. For many of us, evil can come all too naturally. It takes effort to constantly make good choices and do the right thing. When water flows, it’s an effortless, continuous stream. The only way that it stops are if there are distinct barriers to its consistent movement. Each person needs to work to be an intentional hindrance to evil, both in themselves and the world. Otherwise, it’s only too easy for it to spill over.


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