Yirmiyahu Ten: Knowledge

The quote that I picked for today is one that I think says something interesting about the biblical perception of human nature. “Every man is brutish without knowledge; every smith is put to shame by his graven image, for his molten images are false, without spirit in them (Jeremiah 10:14).” I really just want to focus on the first part of this verse. I was drawn to the concept of knowledge being what refines human beings, and the idea that without it, we’re left in a more animalistic state. I don’t necessarily know if this is true – there are plenty of knowledgable, well-educated people out there who I could easily call brutish. But theoretically at least, knowledge and understanding should impact human beings, and should make us better people. How can each of us use our knowledge and learning in order to refine our behavior and our actions into the best versions of ourselves?


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