Yirmiyahu Fourteen: Water

I love the days when the chapter we’re reading somehow related to what I’m doing or thinking about outside of this project. Today, I’m at a seminar focusing on water issues in Israel, and Jeremiah is talking about the land and people being cursed with a drought as a punishment for their misdeeds. “Because the earth was broken for there was no rain on earth, farmers were ashamed; they covered their heads (Jeremiah 14:4).” The people have exhausted their chances for forgiveness, and God is immune to their pleas. Based on what I’m learning about today, I think I have a new appreciation for how grevious of a punishment this is. In the ancient Middle East, water was everything. Water meant your family could survive for the year. Losing a water supply meant losing a livelihood, a home, and quite possibly your life. Today, we’ve inherited this fear in the modern region. Water is political,it’s territorial, and people are beyond passionate about it. Could it be that part of our current fixation is knowing that while today we are blessed with it, in the past it has been used to curse us? 


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