Yirmiyahu Nineteen: Broken

Most of the time, when someone makes a mistake, their immediate reaction is to try to fix it. We want to quickly apologize, make everything better, and move on. But sometimes that’s easier said than done, and there are things that can’t be easily fixed, or even fixed at all. “And you shall break the jug before the eyes of the men who go with you. And you shall say to them: so said the Lord of Hosts: so will I break this people and this city, as one breaks the potter’s vessel, which can no longer be repaired, and in the Topheth they will bury without place to bury (Jeremiah 19:10-11).” This is a great metaphor and image. Once a jug like that is broken, nothing can fix it. Yes, you can glue it back together, but there will always be little pieces missing. Yes, you can buy or make a new one, but that’s not fixing what broke, it’s providing an alternative. There are plenty of times when we say things that we want to take back, but no matter what people say, they’re out there, and can’t be fully removed. People may forgive, but the cracks have formed, because they don’t really forget.


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