Yirmiyahu Twenty-One: Exile in the Making

After all of the negativity directed towards Jeremiah, it seems pretty classic on the part of the Israelites that they are now reaching out to him for help. The King, Zedekiah, sends Pashhur to Jeremiah. “Please petition the Lord for us, for Nebuchadrezzar the king of Babylon is waging war against us; perhaps the Lord will do to us like all His wonders, and he will withdraw from us (Jeremiah 21:2).” It’s a pretty plea, but it’s also too late. God isn’t backing down from His promise to exile the people, and it seems like for once, they’re going to pay for their behavior. It’s going to be hard and tragic, but it’s seemingly inevitable at this point. This book is dragging out a bit though, and I’m wondering when the shift will finally happen.


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