Yirmiyahu Thirty: All the People

As has been a constant theme throughout these more lyrical prophets, there’s a huge amount of metaphor that’s hard to follow throughout this chapter. I’ve known for years that Jeremiah is the book where Jerusalem is compared to a laboring mother, and there’s a lot of gender imagery. But it’s hard for me to isolate certain verses in that regard, and to find meaning and lessons from them. So when I was searching for something to share from this chapter, I went all the way to the end to find my chosen phrase.

“At that time, says the Lord, I will be the God of all the families of Israel, and they shall be My people (Jeremiah 30:25).” The part of this verse that appealed to me the most is the inclusion of the word all. God will be the God of each and every family of Israel. Too often today, there’s this perception that God is for the religious, for the Orthodox, for those who practice in a certain way or adhere to certain standards. But the text itself says that God is for everyone, for each family, which I then infer means to each family in a different way, the way that is the most meaningful for them.

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