Yirmiyahu Forty-Five: Baruch

This chapter is incredibly short – only five verses. It begins with a reminder of Baruch, who Jeremiah’s latest prophecy is about and who he speaks to. Baruch has been weary and restless, and God has an answer. “And you seek great things for yourself? Do not seek, for behold I am bringing evil upon all flesh, says the Lord, and I will give you your soul as prey in all the places where you will go (Jeremiah 45:5).” This isn’t particularly heartwarming news coming from God, and more than anything else of value, this interlude is making me realize how arbitrary chapter divisions are in Tanakh. Why does Baruch come up now, and why is this exchange cut off so quickly? I have no answers, and will have to wait and see if this part of the story ends here, or if it’s taken up again in subsequent readings.


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