Yirmiyahu Forty-Six: Battle

The Jews are the chosen people, but God is still concerned with other nations as well. In this instance, Jeremiah receives a prophecy about Egypt, and the Egyptian army in particular. “Make ready shield and buckler and draw near to battle (Jeremiah 46:3).” God describes a major battle that will come in the future. “And that day shall be for the Lord God of Hosts a day of vengeance, to avenge Himself against His adversaries, and the sword shall consume and shall be sated, and its thirst shall be quenched by their blood, for the Lord God of Hosts shall have a massacre in the north land by the Euphrates River (Jeremiah 46:10).” It sounds like a truly epic battle to come, and it seems interesting to me that it’s described in such detail when it’s between Babylon and Egypt, not Israel. I guess it’s an ancient case of intersectionality, where the interaction between to outside subjects ends up directly impacting a third, even if the reason why isn’t visible on the surface.

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