Yirmiyahu Forty-Eight: Moab

Now Moab is being discussed, and it too is destroyed. The whole region seems to be toppling, tribe by tribe, chapter by chapter. “The destruction of Moab is near to come, and his evil has hastened exceedingly (Jeremiah 48:16).” It seems that every nation in the biblical landscape has done evil, and therefore must be punished. Though, if every people is falling victim, does that say that the standards provided are too hard to live up to? Why do none of them learn from the mistakes of the others?

Unlike the previous accounts of destruction, Moab’s involves emotion. God seems more invested in the Moabites for some reason. “Therefore, I wail for Moab, and for all of Moab I will cry; for the people of Kir-heres they shall moan (Jeremiah 48:31).” So does this mean that God has a special relationship with Moab, as well as with Israel? And why is it with them, instead of the Egyptians or the Philistines?


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