Yirmiyahu Fifty-One: Immigration Crisis

The description of the Babylonian destruction continues. “And I will send against Babylon foreigners and they shall scatter her and empty her land, for they were against her all around on that day of evil (Jeremiah 51:2).” The Israelites are encouraged to flee from Babylon and save their own lives. The tables have turned. The Israelites were brought to Babylon because of God’s anger, and now they’re being given the opportunity to leave because God’s anger has transferred. But the people have been in Babylon for a long time, so it may no longer be instinctive for them to go anywhere else. “Fugitives from the sword, go, do not stand still! Remember the Lord from the distant past, and let Jerusalem enter your mind (Jeremiah 51:50).” This reminds me of stories that I’ve heard about the immigrant experience. When Jews left Europe, even though they’d been longing for Israel for generations, many wound up going to America because it made the most sense, and was most present in their minds. Therefore, it’s logical that God needed to make sure that Israel was front and center once again in the minds of the Babylonian Diaspora Jews. Otherwise, who knows where they would have ended up?

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