Yechezkel Two: Son of Man

This chapter gives us God’s first words to Ezekiel. When God speaks, it’s an all-encompassing experience. “Now the spirit entered me when He spoke to me, and it stood me on my feet, and I heard what was being spoken to me (Ezekiel 2:2).” It makes sense, given the multidimensional nature of God, that an encounter with Him would not be frontal, but rather both internal and external at the same time. Ezekiel feels God within him in a real sense, something that many of us can only aspire to in our own lives.

Now, the message. “And He said to me; ‘Son of man, I am sending you to the children of Israel, to rebellious nations, which rebelled against Me; they and their fathers rebelled against Me to this very day (Ezekiel 2:3).” The two most interesting things for me here are how Ezekiel is referred to, and that he is given this mission. Son of man to me indicates that Ezekiel is not just a person on his own, but a representative of humanity in God’s eyes. It is in this light that he is given the mission of conveying God’s messages to the people. He’s told not to be afraid of them, which is challenging to believe considering what happened to Jeremiah. But Ezekiel doesn’t shy away, and the chapter concludes with God handing him a scroll. I love that even in this esoteric prophecy, there’s a narrative arc of some kind, so that I know what to look for and follow up on tomorrow. I hope it continues!


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