Yechezkel Fifteen: Israel

“I shall make the land desolate because they have trespassed grievously, says the Lord God (Ezekiel 15:8).” Reading this verse made me think about Israel today, and the historic vision of Israel that many of us have. I grew up with stories about Zionist pioneers coming to a malaria filled swampland and draining it, fulfilling the impossible by making the desert bloom. I’ve heard that phrase so many times, and it’s interesting to see that here in the original texts is where it says that the land would become the desolate place that the early Zionists developed. It seems to me that in many ways, up until the modern day people waited for God to do things like decide when the land was ready to be fruitful once again, instead of what we do today and taking things into our own hands. The Israeli can-do spirit and tenacity is a result of this, and shows that in some cases, we’ve gone beyond prophecies.


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