Yechezkel Sixteen: Mothers

Yesterday was one of the only days ever that I’ve skipped writing about my chapter, so today will involve two posts. Apologies readers – the craziness of Rosh Hashanah totally wore me out, so I’m playing a bit of catch up. Chapter 16 is an extended metaphor where Israel is an adulterous woman in God’s eyes. It starts with descriptions of love and beauty, but they quickly devolve into anger and rage. Then, a verse that caught my eye, regardless of the context. “Behold, whoever uses proverb will use this proverb about you, saying, ‘Like mother, like daughter (Ezekiel 16:44).'” I’ve spent the last few days with my mother, and my grandmother. There are some similarities between the two of them (and if I’m being totally honest, the three of us) that are unreal. Attitudes, behaviors, even facial expressions seem to bridge the generational gap and have been passed down from one of us to the others. People say like mother, like daughter all the time, but I had no idea this came from a biblical source. It’s definitely timeless wisdom to say that our mothers shape us, and I have no idea where I’d be without mine.


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