Yechezkel Eighteen: Judgment

“Therefore, every man according to his ways I will judge you, O house of Israel, says the Lord God: repent and cause others to repent of all your transgressions, and it will not be a stumbling block of iniquity for you (Ezekiel 18:30).” The thing that draws me to this verse is the idea that every individual will be judged according to his own ways, which to me means in accordance with his own needs and circumstances. There’s something to be said for one metric by which to judge everyone, but I also see the definite value in everyone being judged autonomously. My successes or failures should be judged according to my own abilities and circumstances, not those put upon me. This gives every person the chance to advance in God’s eyes merely by doing the best that they can, regardless of how they measure up compared to others.


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