Yechezkel Twenty-One: Powering Through

Ezekiel is told to face southward and prophecy. He does so, but then tells God that the people say that he invents that which he says he prophecies. God’s response is to keep speaking, this time facing Jerusalem. “And it will come to pass that they will say to you, ‘Concerning what are you sighing?’ And you shall say, ‘Because of news that is coming, and every heart will melt, all hands will become feeble, every spirit will grow faint and all knees will go like water. Behold it is coming and will happen,’ says the Lord God (Ezekiel 21:12).” The sentiment expressed here isn’t what’s important to me. What I find to be the most interesting is that when Ezekiel told God he was having problems, the response was to keep going. Not to coddle, or to deflect, but to just keep working, in spite of the obstacles. I want to work on being like that, powering through situations rather than moving away when challenged.


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