Yechezkel Twenty-Six: Tyre

Following on the back of the Ammonites, Tyre is now being destroyed due to its decision to take advantage of the destruction of Jerusalem. “And they will destroy the walls of Tyre and demolish her towers, and I shall remove her earth from her and make her a smooth rock (Ezekiel 26:4).” Tyre is going to become a place that other nations plunder, and the people will be massacred by the king of Babylon. “With the hoofs of his horses, he will trample all your streets; he will slay your people with the sword, and the monuments of your strength will descend to the earth (Ezekiel 26:11).” It’s interesting that so many other nations somehow found ways to benefit from the destruction of Jerusalem, and therefore of Israel. I think we often do something similar today – sitting by and watching the tragedies of others unfold, rather than doing anything to help. It’s a sad part of human nature, that we’re so complacent, even in the face of true need.


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