Yechezkel Twenty-Eight: Debate

The Tyre saga continues. Now, Ezekiel needs to speak to the prince of Tyre. The prince has apparently set himself up to be a god, or at least god-like, and as a result he needs to be punished. “Therefore, behold I am bringing foreigners, the strong of the nations, upon you, and they will draw their swords on the beauty of your wisdom and profane your brightness (Ezekiel 28:7).” The prince will be slaughtered, and will die as a man, not as the god he pretended to be. Last night was the third presidential debate in one of the worst political climates ever. One candidate in particular seems to be reminiscent of the prince of Tyre in that he’s placed himself above the populace as a self-declared demigod. In ancient literature, we have many examples of people reaching too far and getting punished for this, and I think the whole country is waiting to see how the upcoming election will potentially cut one of the candidates down to size. Like the prince of Tyre, this arrogance is able to impact countless people, and needs to be kept in check.


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