Yechezkel Twenty-Seven: Tyre’s Destruction

Tyre’s fate is lamented. “In the heart of the seas are your borders; your builders perfected your beauty (Ezekiel 27:4).” It’s described as a place of great beauty and wealth, and we’re clearly meant to feel sad that it’s now being destroyed. The destruction is terrible, particularly as it immediately follows the reminiscing about almost mythic loveliness of the once-great nation. “And they will tear out their hair because of you, and they will gird themselves with sackcloth and weep over you with a bitter soul, with a bitter lamentation (Ezekiel 27:31).” I’m intrigued by the detail that the text goes into regarding Tyre, which clearly demonstrates its importance in the ancient world. While ancient Israel has continued through the generations and currently manifests itself in the Jewish people, what became of Tyre?


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