Yechezkel Forty-One: Western Wall

The description of the Temple continues. “And he brought me to the Temple, and he measured the pillars, six cubits wide from here and six cubits wide from there, the width of the tent (Ezekiel 41:1).” We get more dimensions as Ezekiel is brought to the Holy of Holies, the heart and center of the Temple, and therefore of the Jewish people. If I were better at visualizing things, I’m sure that this would give me a true reading of the grandeur of the interior and exterior of the Temple, but within my limits, all I can do is keep reading about these pillars and those cubits. When I go to the Western Wall in Jerusalem, the last remnant of this massive structure, and how it must have impressed and inspired everyone who saw it. We only see the shadow, and it draws us in.


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