Yechezkel Forty-Four: Priests

God finishes showing Ezekiel the Temple in all its grandeur, and shows him His own glory as well. “And he brought me by way of the Northern Gate before the House, and I saw that behold the glory of the Lord filled the House of the Lord, and I fell upon face (Ezekiel 44:4).” Ezekiel is understandably overwhelmed by this experience, which even Moses didn’t fully have. Moses was able to feel God’s presence passing his cheek, and even that was overwhelming. So imagine seeing God filling this space, and the power that such an experience would have had.

The chapter goes on to describe the role of the priests in the Temple. The Levites will be its caretakers, having not been given a portion of the land. Instead, the direct service of God is their inheritance. “And My people shall they teach the difference between holy and profane, and cause them to discern between the impure and the pure (Ezekiel 44:23).” This comes up in both grandiose and minute details – interaction with the dead, who they can marry, how their hair should be cut. I think it’s all about mindfulness and making every aspect of life an opportunity to create meaning and connection.


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