Yechezkel Forty-Five: Scales

We’re still talking about the Temple, the land it will be located on and the sacrifices that will take place within. “You shall have honest scales, an honest ephah, and an honest bath. The ephah and the bath shall have one volume, the bath shall contain a tenth part of the homer, and a tenth part of the homer is the ephah; according to the homer shall be its volume (Ezekiel 45:10-11).” Ok, so these verses contain a lot of weird words, but the sentiment is what I want to focus on. We see here that there’s an emphasis on honesty and equality. In the ancient world, and frankly in many parts of society today, it wouldn’t be particularly surprising for such items to be weighted or irregular in order to cheat one of the users. But in God’s house, things needed to be precise and accurate, so these small details are taken into account and formalized.


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