Yechezkel Forty-Eight: Holy Land

Leaving the Temple behind, this chapter begins with a geographic overview. Each tribal portion is listed out, including their borders with one another. “The offering that you shall separate for the Lord, its length [shall be] 25,000 and its width 10,000 (Ezekiel 48:9).” In this, we see that like crops, and money, even the land itself will have a portion set aside for holy purposes. What would it look like if we did that with our lands now? If in every physical aspect of our lives, just like spiritually, we had to designate portions that were beyond our own control and self-important desires? Would it make us appreciative, mindful, selfless?

With this, the book of Ezekiel comes to an end. He’s the last of the major prophets, and this has been the last of the long books that I’ll be reading for a while. Starting on Sunday, I’ll begin with the minor prophets, so I’ll be starting new books fairly regularly for the rest of 2016. I can’t believe that I’m coming up on the 2 year anniversary of this project – thank you all for joining me in the journey!


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