Hoshea Seven: Being Close to God

“Woe is to them for they have wandered away from Me; plunder to them for they have rebelled against Me. I would redeem them, but they spoke lies about Me (Hosea 7:13).” What does it mean to stray from God? Is it something that we do physically, by not going to synagogue or breaking tangible laws like kashrut and Shabbat? Is it separating ourselves from the community and not living up to our obligations as members of God’s people? Or is it an internal experience, of doubt and distance? The one thing that I truly believe is that moving away from God does not manifest in anger or intentional abandonment of faith and ritual. When one is angry and actively distancing, it’s still a relationship. Only when a state of indifference is reached is one truly removed from a relationship with God and with religion as a whole.


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