Hoshea Nine: Secret Book of Kings

This chapter continues the trend of Hosea, and God, railing against Israel and Ephraim, the components of the tribe that eventually get cut off from Judah and lost to history. “My God shall reject them because they did not obey Him, and they shall be wandering among the nations (Hosea 9:17).” I recently read a very interesting novel called The Secret Book of Kings, which essentially retells the story of the prophets through the lens of the people of Ephraim. What I found to be the most interesting is that while many of us take these texts at face value, and many others take the time to read deeply into their layers, how many of us think about alternative points of view within them? I would never be able to have read creatively enough to consider the perspective of Israel versus Judah. What other stories are missing from the text?


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