Hoshea Eleven: God’s Call

“They shall follow the Lord, He shall roar like a lion; for He shall roar, and the children shall hasten from the west (Hosea 11:10).” What this verse brings to mind for me is the people coming to answer God’s call. They are scattered, wayward, and far from God both physically and spiritually. But then He calls to them, and they come running. What must it be like to hear God’s call? I imagine it’s compelling to the point of impossible to ignore. I do fundamentally believe that God calls all of us in come capacity throughout our lives. It might be through nature, dreams, the words and actions of other human beings. It might be with our chosen profession, the relationships that we foster, or how we spend our ‘spare’ time. Regardless, we each have our own call, and it’s up to us to run to answer it.


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