Hoshea Thirteen: History

God is still admonishing the tribe of Ephraim for behaving in idolatrous ways. “And I am the Lord your God from the land of Egypt, and gods besides Me you should not know, and there is no savior but Me (Hosea 13:4).” One of the things I notice when I put on my educator hat is that in order to be compelling in the present, God had to invoke the past. I think that there are a lot of occasions when the best argument that we can use is that of history, of learning from past examples and regurgitating the emotions that they bring up. In this case, God wants the people to remember who He is and what He did for them so as to modify their current misbehavior. Of course, it’s only when there’s an appropriate level of respect for the past that it can have the desired impact – score for history education!


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