Yoel Two: Apocalypse

This chapter is fascinating in an apocalyptic kind of way. “Fire consumes before it and a flame blazes after it; before it, the land was like the Garden of Eden, and in its wake is a desert wasteland; neither does it have a remnant (Joel 2:3).” The scene described is one of terrifying chaos, with loud sounds, running around, and natural and supernatural disasters. The very heavens seem to  be involved, with the stars withdrawing from their positions in the night sky. The intensity of the described scenes is palpable, and particularly in the ancient world in which it was written, it seems that there’s nothing scarier than feeling like God’s wonders are being removed from you. Even today, when we don’t see the sun, or the stars, people notice and feel the loss. But when those were your symbols of God’s presence and care, how much more so?


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