Ovadiah One: Edom

Hello and goodbye from the shortest book of Tanakh! That’s right, the book of Obadiah is only one chapter, meaning I’m starting and finishing today, and that the term ‘book’ is being used pretty freely in this context. This guy must be pretty important to merit an insertion for only one chapter (or, conversely, he’s beyond minor since he has so little to say). He’s definitely not a prophet that I have any prior experience with, but I want to do him justice in this short amount of space.

It looks like his vision from God concerns the Edomites. “If you go up high like an eagle, and if you place your nest among the stars, from there I will bring you down, says the Lord (Obadiah 1:4).” Edom is being warned for its arrogance, and the consequences that come from reaching too highly. Later in the chapter, we also learn that the Edomites rejoiced at the destruction of Judah, and took advantage of them, so they are also being punished for that. Fulfilling a prophecy that dates back to Jacob and Esau, and is now being fulfilled by the nations that descended from them, Edom will be punished and destroyed while Judah eventually prospers and regains its dominance.

Done. With that, 510 chapters down, 419 to go! On another note, I leave tomorrow for a week-long vacation, so while my intention is to keep posting along the way, things may be a little off schedule. Looking forward to our next book!


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