Yonah Three: Repentance

Happy 2017 everyone! For those of you who had a wonderful 2016, I wish you more of the same, and for those of you looking for a better new year, I wish you only happiness in that pursuit. Personally, I’m looking forward to another year of studying and learning, and hope to achieve continued personal growth through this project in 2017.

Going back to Jonah, God speaks to him again. “Arise, go to Nineveh the great city, and proclaim upon it the proclamation that I speak to you (Jonah 3:2).” For some reason, this mission to Nineveh is one that only Jonah can fulfill. This time, he listens, and makes the trek to Nineveh, where he tells the people that in 40 days, the city will be destroyed. I’m not clear exactly what the people did to merit this, because they immediately turn penitent, all the way up to the king. They fast, cover themselves in sackcloth, and fully repent. “And God saw their deeds, that they had repented of their evil way, and the Lord relented concerning the evil that He had spoken to do to them, and He did not do it (Jonah 3:10).” Alls well that ends well? We have one more chapter to go, so we’ll find out the end of this story tomorrow.


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