Michah Five: Monuments

“And I will destroy your graven images and your monuments from your midst, and you shall no longer prostrate yourself to your handiwork (Micah 5:12).” When I see the word ‘monument,’ as a Washington DC resident, it’s easy to imagine what springs to my mind. We are known for our mighty structures, for the man-made edifices that dot the skyline of the city. Are these things to be condemned? After all, maybe not in a religious way, but people certainly make pilgrimages to these sites, and take a great deal of pride and even hubris from their existence. Does that mean we’re committing a sin by ritualizing the experience of visiting such places? It’s true that we in the modern day do put a great emphasis on physical manifestations of human strength. Is that to our detriment? Should we focus instead on natural wonders, and God’s direct creations? But if we’re all made in God’s image, aren’t our victories His as well?


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