Nachum Three: Consuming

More destruction is foretold, with the narrative shared by means of graphic metaphors. “All your fortresses are like fig trees with first-ripe fruits; if they be shaken, they fall into the mouth of the eater (Nahum 3:12).” I chose this verse because it sounds like something that contains a deeper meaning and lesson than what’s written on the surface. I love the imagery of a being shaken and falling into the mouth of the shaker/eater. If someone rocks us, in terms of deeply impacting and shifting our world view, or confidence, or perspective, what do we do? Do we fall into their ways, and allow ourselves to be consumed by them and their perspectives? Or do we sway back to where we were? Or, is it a middle ground, where we’re shifted and changed, but not swallowed up by the actions of another? I hope that I personally have a strong enough sense of self and core to my person that I’m not so impacted by others, but that I’m still flexible enough to be challenged and grow.

With those three chapters done, Nahum is over! Tomorrow I start on the book of Habbakuk – I’m almost getting whiplash from this pace!


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