Nachum Two: War

In this prophecy, God has restored Judah’s pride and glory against enemies and wickedness. “And the queen has been exposed and taken away, and her maidens moan, like the voice of doves beating their breasts (Nahum 2:8).” This verse is interesting to me because it takes creatures thought of as peaceful and docile – at least in biblical times – and puts them in the middle of a war narrative. To me, this indicates that when war comes, nothing is safe and removed. It’s not just the soldiers who fought, but the queen who was impacted, the women who suffered. Everyone is effected by things like this, whether directly or indirectly, because on some level, all of our fates are tied together. In a perfect world, this would make us more caring of others, but in reality I don’t see that as the case. What would it mean if we really did think of ourselves as bound to our wider community?


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