Tzefaniah Three: Lies

Just like that, we’re up to the final chapter of the book of Zephaniah. It opens with warnings to those who have disobeyed God, and the punishments that Jerusalem and the Jewish people will suffer as a result. But there is hope, because eventually, the people will be redeemed and the remnants of Israel blessed by God. “The remnant of Israel shall neither commit injustice nor speak lies; neither shall deceitful speech be found in their mouth, for they shall graze and lie down, with no one to cause them to shudder (Zephaniah 3:13).”

I chose this verse to highlight because I see it as a guidepost for the kind of person that I want to be, and I hope that everyone is striving towards becoming in their own ways. It’s so easy to lie rather than grapple with the complexities of the truth and its subsequent consequences. Likewise, it’s simpler to turn a blind eye to the injustices of the world, and especially to be in denial about those that we ourselves commit. But I personally want to go beyond that, and to be a better person. It’s something I need to meaningfully engage with every day, and to be mindful of, so it doesn’t fall to the wayside.

With that, another book down! Tomorrow starts Chaggai, so see you then!


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