Zechariah Eleven: Shepherd

Throughout Tanakh, there’s a constant theme of God and the leaders of the people as shepherds caring for their flocks. This concept figures prominently into this chapter. “For, behold! I am setting up a shepherd in the land. Those that are cut off he shall not remember; the foolish ones he shall not seek. The lame he shall not heal; the one that can stand he shall not bear. And the flesh of the fat one he shall eat, and their hoofs he shall break (Zechariah 11:16).” If we accept the premise that the shepherd is a leadership model, this descriptor definitely raises a few questions. I personally don’t believe that a good, effective leader forgets the weaker members of his or her tribe, and leaves them behind. It’s definitely easier to do that – once someone leaves the fold, assume they’ve checked out and move on. But I think a true leader doesn’t write people off that quickly, and continues to work for the betterment of even those who aren’t front and center.


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