Malachi Three: End of an Era

This chapter marks the end of several things: the end of Malachi, the end of Nevi’im, and the end of the second of three major sections of Tanakh. Therefore, I decided to focus on the final verses of this final chapter of the Prophets. “Lo, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord, that he may turn the heart of the fathers back through the children, and the heart of the children back through their fathers – lest I come and smite the earth with utter destruction (Malachi 3:24).” Elijah the prophet comes up throughout the Jewish canon, and it’s believed that he will proceed the coming of the Messiah. Therefore, concluding the book of Prophets with a reference to this most famous one seems telling. This verse talks about connecting throughout the generations via the heartstrings of parents and children, all with the goal of achieving a peaceful end of days. It ties up the many messages that I’ve read throughout the last few months, bringing them all together with a cautiously hopeful message. And with that, we conclude the prophets.

Tomorrow, I begin the hardest part of this journey of 929 chapters. I’ll be starting on Psalms, which has 150 chapters in and of itself. It’s going to take over seven months to get through all of them, and I hope I’m able to stay motivated throughout that time. Today marks 567 chapters down and 362 to go!


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