Tehillim Five: Paths

“O Lord lead me in Your righteousness; because of those who lie in wait for me, make Your way straight before me (Psalms 5:9).” It must be nice to have such steadfast belief in the concept of one straight path. While I know that the cliche is that the road less traveled is more rewarding, at particularly complicated and challenging junctures in the trajectory of my life, I think it would be easier and hopefully equally satisfying to have a single straight line set before you, rather than the winding chaos that many of us have to work through. If you believe in fate, then we’ll end up in the same place regardless, and it’s only the journey that’ll be different. But if you don’t [and I’m not a fate person], then the proverbial two roads diverging have completely different outcomes, and we’ll never know what the other one would have taken us to. A single straight line might be much easier [though I’m sure less interesting] than the complexities and challenges of a typical lifespan.


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