Tehillim Six: Fear

“And my soul is very  frightened, and You, O Lord, how long (Psalms 6:4)?” This verse drew me in due to its language about fear. For anyone who has been following the news lately, it’s a frightening time to be an American Jew. It’s honestly the first time that I can remember the community being so on edge, so nervous about what’s coming on a daily basis. Yesterday alone, more than 20 Jewish organizations nationwide received bomb threats, and over the course of the last week, two Jewish cemeteries have been desecrated and destroyed. Anti-Semitism has risen rapidly recently, and the fear is real. It’s not changing anything for me – I’m still going to be prominently Jewish, proudly and outwardly Jewish. But there’s a little voice within me now, warning about the danger lurking. How can we get back to a place where that’s not something our society has to deal with?


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