Tehillim Seventeen: Old Age

Over the last few days, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to spend time with two of the best, most inspiring people I know. They’re my husband’s grandmothers. One is 95 and the other is 99, and they are both incredible, lucid, feisty women. They’ve aged with such beauty and grace, and it’s motivating just to be with them, to drink in their stories and wisdom. They also came to mind while I was reading this chapter. “Of those who die by Your hand, O Lord, of those who die of old age, whose share is in life, and whose belly You will fill with Your hidden treasure, who have children in plenty and leave their abundance to their babes (Psalms 17:14).” Thankfully, neither savta seems to be dying any time soon. But what I particularly connected to in this verse is that the share of these people is in life. They’re fully living, not waiting for death or mourning something that didn’t happen or will happen in the future without them. They are alive today, and are embracing it.


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